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Incoercible libertarian©

Di Mariano Grossi©

Foto Mary Blindflowers©

James was a brilliant NCO stationed at 44th Airborne Brigade in Fenham, a Newcastle-upon-Tyne suburb. When Colonel Launcher became his department’s boss they both suffered a mutual dislike maybe based on different points of view as for politics, religion and sexual behaviour; they used to have more than an argument about those items. The boss was a  narrow-minded reactionary convinced of his ideas of supermanhood and the need  to marshal and link his soldiers  around  a strong man capable  to spur and hold them united, no matter if he used unfair methods without any sense of justice and fairness. James was an incoercible libertarian, deeply allergic to any tendency to apply double standards and behaviour’s conditionings. Moreover he was a great enemy of any platitude and they often had more than a heated debate about homosexuality. James was a deep admirer of Nicolas Windmill, at that time governor of Tyne and Wear County; they both had attended the same courses at the local University in the Seventies, a period when showing your party’s card was enough to pass your exams at the Engineering College so full of left-oriented teachers; Nicolas never needed that shield, as he was a very self-confident student, sincerely adverse to any kind of conditionings and recommendations. James had been present to several exams of his and could verify his skills and expertize on every subject. James’ tales about his university’s reminders together with Nicolas used to nettle his boss,  prejudicially convinced about homosexual untrustworthiness and Nicolas had done more than an outing about his homosexuality. The boss was very angry about that item, so that aimed at compelling James to admit to be a homosexual just like his university-mate and more than once he raised those arguments while other officers and NCOs were standing in his room to collect them as witnesses of James’ statements about it. James smartly refrained to express such a kind of assertions while other barracks-mates hearing him, but once, while his boss introduced that item again and nobody else was there, after the new request by Col. Launcher (“Tell me the truth! If you are such a defender of him, it means you had got a sexual relationship with some gay!”) he left him  speechless: “Why, Sir, you not? What a pity! You cannot imagine what you have missed! Please, do not misunderstand me! I have always been performing a male rôle with them, but you are unfortunately unaware about the tenderness and skill of another man as for blow-jobs!  I suggest you try it as soon as possible!”
Then he rose, asked for being allowed to leave the room, came to attention, greeted his boss and was dismissed.
His boss never talked anymore of that subject!
Note by the author: every reference to real  persons and deeds is merely casual; this story, even though likely inside a barracks,  is completely imaginary!

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