martedì 11 aprile 2017

“Time’s Allegory”©

di Mary Blindflowers©

(Traduzione di Mariano Grossi)

Accordata al robot, tecnica mista su carta, Mary Blindflowers©

And today we talk about on-line censorship, particularly Facebook’s censorship.

A strange thing happened. Usually I do not follow known people, but what is right is right. This morning I would like to accept Sgarbi’s invite to share the rebellion against art’s censorship in Facebook. A wonderful art masterpiece was censored in a “Rinascimento Romagna”’s page’s advertisement.

It looks Facebook’s censorship did not like Guido Cagnacci’s “Time’s Allegory”: they judged it obscene and wretchedly debased it to pornography’s level.

There is no point in telling that people who regulate censorship’s process maybe do not make out their tongues from any other lower orifice of theirs: there is no point in wasting words about what happened and continually happens. An anonymous signalling is enough to get posts containing art images removed, while countless porno images hop pleasantly from post to post for the joy of nymphomaniacs and erotomaniacs of every kind and perversion.

I have written above “I would like” as, when I shared, Facebook warned me I had been blocked for next 7 days because of a signalling about a post concerning Seme Bianco’s head director, Castelvecchi’s partner.

Some believe, signalling a post thats point out basic truths, they will be able. by an old fascist policemen’s process which is as old as the hills, just censorship, to shut up people disturbing their untroubled actions.

I welcome then Facebook ban’s 7 days because I showed the inside running way of the highly boasted great Italian publishing trade; I welcome censorship, yes, exactly, you understood well: I welcome it!

Facebook censorship’s 7 days will not change my life at all, I will remain what I am, a woman who has ever said and goes on saying NO to the power and arrogance typical of a certain kind of system.

But you, who are you? Have you ever asked yourselves indeed? Are you your dark time’s allegory?

Maybe you should start questioning yourselves rather than telling your authors:

they cannot question you;

doubt destabilizes you and gets on your nerves.

I greet you with a smile, even though I cannot say you are agreeable to me.

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