sabato 11 febbraio 2017

Countermen place out of the store©

François Nédel Atèrre©

Countermen place out of the store

Empty packed up boxes and food containers

Whilst having a cigarette break

They think about how to make ends meet.

Housewives at the market carefully choose

Vegetables to cook for supper,

Parading their high-heeled shoes

As it should rightly be.

Students catch their bus to school

Every morning to finally meet

The girl of their dreams,

Away from Achilles and his repentance in Hell.

Thousand miles away

From a little village's square or a big town's avenue

An influential politician has been elected,

Decisions about an economical plan

For the years to come or even a war

To fight have been taken

In a glass panelled office,

Inside a hidden laboratory will be perfected

The invention that will yet again change our lives.

History always happens somewhere else

Far from everybody,

Its reasons are always unknown

Simple and evident as they are

But if every man is doomed to be chewed by it,

Some of them are spat out of its mouth.

Beggars, for instance, sit on sidewalks

Counting with their eyes the last few

Pennies left in the hat

Are even more wretched

Because they always feel under some threat

Because the measly meal is difficult to get

For a few degrees above zero

May determine their survival.

Yet, they are still smiling the most

Apparently without a reason.

©Francis Norleigh, “Dollar rises and stocks slip, oil on canvas”

Ph: Kálmándy Pap Ferenc, “ Szennyviz-1978”

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